National Counter-Terrorism alert system

What is the Alert System?

The National Terrorism Public Alert System is a range of four levels that communicate an assessed risk of terrorist threat to Australia. The four levels are:

  • low - terrorist attack is not expected
  • medium - terrorist atttack could occur
  • high - terrorist attack is likely
  • extreme - terrorist attack is imminent or has occured

The National Terrorism Public Alert System guides national preparation and planning. It also dictates levels of precaution and vigilance to minimise the risk of a terrorist incident occurring.

The Australian Government regularly reviews alert levels.

Who will communicate a change in alert level?

Any change in alert level will be communicated by the Prime Minister or his representative. In such an incident, the Western Australian Premier would provide you with any more information that is specific to Western Australia.

How does it apply to me?

While the System may not directly affect your day to day life, it is important that you are aware that these arrangements exist. All Australian governments are committed to ensuring that you can have confidence in Australia's ability to respond to any terrorist risk or situation.

Need more information?

See for more information about the process behind changing alert levels.