Releasing an Impounded Vehicle

Road Traffic Act 1974:

  • Sect 79D. Release of impounded vehicles 
  • Sect 79E. Liability for expenses of police impounding 
  • Sect 80IA. Release of vehicle that was impounded 
  • Sect 80IB. Payment for impounding expenses before vehicle released

Applications for the release of an impounded vehicle can only be made at the completion of the impound period. If you would like to recover your vehicle before the scheduled release date please refer to the “Early Release Application” page.

Who can collect the vehicle?

The owner of the vehicle can make an application for the release of their vehicle by completing the attached form and taking it to the holding yard that is storing their vehicle, upon payment of the towage and storage costs and a 100 point identification check the vehicle will be returned to the registered owner. Can the owner nominate another person?

The owner may nominate another person to collect their vehicle, the owner must contact the Vehicle Impound Unit and supply the required 100 point identification, the Vehicle Impound Unit will confirm the nominated person with the storage yard and they will release the vehicle upon payment for all towage and storage costs.

Costs for the vehicle impoundment

The owner can contact the holding yard and enquire as to how much the towage and storage costs will be for their vehicle, the holding yard will send an invoice to the owners last known address stating the total amount owed for all towage and storage costs at the end of the impound period.

Any additional days the vehicle is held in storage will be charged to the owner and must be paid before the vehicle is released.

100 point identification list

The documents below can be used for the 100 points of identification

70 Points

Only one of the following may be claimed:

  • Birth Certificate
  • Birth Card issued by a Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages
  • Citizenship Certificate
  • Current Passport

Secondary Documents

40 Points

Any of the following, which must contain a photograph and a name. Additional documents from this category are awarded 25 points.

  • Driver licence issued by an Australian State or Territory
  • Licence or permit issued under a law of the Commonwealth, a State or Territory Government - (e.g. a boat licence)
  • Identification card issued to a public employee
  • Identification card issued by the Commonwealth, a State or Territory Government as evidence of the person's entitlement to a financial benefit
  • An identification card issued to a student at a tertiary education institution

35 Points

Name and address of signatory verified from any of the following: 
  • A mortgage or other instrument of security held by another financial body

Must have name and address on: 

  • A mortgage or other instrument of security held by a financial body
  • Local government (council) land tax or rates notice
  • Document from your current employer or previous employer within the last 2 years
  • Land Titles Office record 

25 Points

Must have name and signature on:

  • Marriage Certificate (for maiden name only)
  • Credit Card
  • Foreign Driver Licence
  • Medicare Card (signature not required on Medicare Card)
  • Membership to a Registered Club
  • NRMA Membership
  • EFTPOS Card

Must have name and address on:

  • Electoral roll compiled by the Australian Electoral Commission and available for public scrutiny
  • Records of a public utility - phone, water, gas or electricity bill
  • Records of a financial institution
  • Lease/rent agreement
  • Rent receipt from a licensed real estate agent