Boating Operations

Water Police operate a range of vessels which are used for marine compliance, diving operations, search and rescue, marine safety, sonar operations and investigations.


Delphinus is a 22 metre vessel permanently based at North West Water Police in Dampier.

Delphinus, (the dolphin, protector of the waters), appears in Greek and Roman mythology as a servant of Poseidon (Neptune). When Poseidon was searching for Amphitrite in order to marry her, it was Delphinus who searched the islands until he found her. Poseidon, so pleased with Delphinus, made him sacred and placed his image among the stars.

The character of Delphinus is one of service and determination. Delphinus is both a seeker and a rescuer, hence the motto we have chosen for her service with the Western Australia Police Force "Exquiro et Saluatus" (Seek and Save).

Vessel information
Home port Dampier Length 22 metres
Length (at water line) 20.3 metres Beam 5.8 metres
Draught 1.6 metres Main Engines Twin 1000 hp (735kw) MTU
Propellers 32" x 40" Auxiliary Kubota 20 KVA; Mass 5.5KVA
Fuel 12,000 litres Water 750 litres
Weight 36 tonne light Accommodation Skippers Cabin and 7 crew
Cruising 20 knots Max speed In excess of 25 knots

Cygnet V

Cygnet V is a 17.6m vessel which was launched in June 2013 and operates from North Fremantle. Built by Shoreline Marine Fabrication in Henderson, WA, Cygnet V is the first purpose-built vessel in the WA Police Force history.

The Cygnet name continues an important tradition. The first Cygnet was inherited by police from the Fremantle Port Authority in 1902 where it was first used by CY O’Connor during the construction of the Fremantle harbour. All four previous Cygnets have served distinguished terms, and Cygnet V promises to live up to that reputation.

Vessel information
Home port Fremantle Length 17.6 metres
Length (at water line) 17 metres Beam 5.2 metres
Draught 1.6 metres Main Engines Twin C18 Caterpillar 1000 hp.

MIKADO 5 Blade 32" x 37"


C2.2 Caterpillar 3 phase - 22Kva

Fuel 5,000 litres Water 500 litres - desalination to maintain levels
Weight 30 tonne Accommodation 6 persons
Cruising 25 knots Max speed 32 knots

Rigid Hull Inflatables (RHIB)

Water Police also operate several Naiad RHIBs ranging in size from 4.7m to 10m.

The inflatable collar absorbs shock and provides a comfortable stable ride in heavy seas and acts as a fender when regularly coming alongside vessels without causing damage.

RHIBs are used as the primary patrol vessel and are the vessel you are most likely to see on our waterways.