Wish Granted

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SC Renai Gildersleeve, Sgt Jules Leighton, A/Insp. Chris Martin and Const. Marshall Bloom with some of the stakeholders participating in the Vulnerable Victims program.

Through the Starlight Children’s Foundation Australia, 19-year-old Row made a wish to become a police officer for a day.

ROG North Acting Sergeant Mitch Baron-Rowe devised a range of experiences for him which involved officers at Northern ROG, the WA Police Academy and the Maylands Police Complex.

“The Starlight Foundation reviewed the itinerary to ensure it was physically appropriate for Row,” A/Sgt Baron-Rowe said.

“Row and his girlfriend had a fantastic day and it was great to see him get fully involved with all of the business units we were able to visit. He is passionate about joining the WA Police Force one day and we all hope this can be a reality for him in the future.”

Watch a short video of Row’s day as a police officer here.