The Lifesaving Action of Goy Father-and-Daughter Duo

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In the line of duty, The Goy father-and-daughter duo take lifesaving action.

For police, there is no such thing as an uneventful year. Each and every day brings its own challenges and the job requires police to protect life and property, whether it be on or off duty.

In 2020, the sight of a partially submerged man, distressed and yelling for help in the Swan River got the attention of many onlookers, but none more-so than off-duty police officer, Senior Sergeant Ash Goy.

Without hesitation, Ash ran from the balcony of his home, shortly followed by his daughter Karla. Both began swimming across to reach the man on the other side of the shore.

On approach Ash could see that the man was agitated so stopped short and attempted to calm him, whilst protecting his daughter Karla.

Karla says seeing her dad play both a police officer and father figure role in this near-tragic incident has really shone a light on the dedication, courage and commitment that her dad and many other officers have to their duty and the community.



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