Skateboarder Tackles Suspect

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Skateboard tackle

Nothing beats a bit of community support for police, and it doesn’t get any better than a recent arrest in Nickol where a skateboarding father and son were sidewalk surfing when they observed a man jump a fence, immediately followed by officers on foot giving chase.

Karratha OIC Senior Sergeant Danial Strachan said the suspect’s lead on pursuing police was rapidly growing which prompted the skateboarding father to put on a burst of speed.

“What happened next was like a scene from an action hero movie, with the skateboarder first closing the gap before leaping from the deck to tackle the suspect to the ground – effectively making a citizen’s arrest,” he said.

“We posted about the incident on social media in an attempt to identify this legend and recognise his actions.We received a call from a lady who advised it was her husband Brett and son Aston who came to the assistance of police, and they have since been presented with Certificates of Recognition for their amazing help.”