Common Goal

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Common Goal initiative participants

Since its launch in 2016, the Common Goal initiative has always been envisaged as much more than a sports program and this has very convincingly proven to be the case.

Common Goal and the associated DCLI (Developing Community Leaders Initiative) are police-funded, diverse youth engagement programs.

Common Goal soccer engages youth at the grassroots level, building community harmony and creating an opportunity for initial involvement with police. Individuals from this program are then selected to take part in the DCLI mentorship / leadership initiative, where they are developed to become community champions and anti-crime advocates.

Budding leaders are provided peer-to-peer education (alongside police officers) learning various protective behaviours and communications skills, assisting them to educate their own communities in the process. This in turn strengthens partnerships and the promotion of community safety, with advocates conveying police messaging to a diverse range of community groups.

The Common Goal/DCLI programs are powerful initiatives which empower future leaders, effectively fostering cultural change and trust in the WA Police Force.

The program has nurtured some outstanding leaders, with recent success stories such as Ayor Chuot being elected to the Legislative Council, Viola Abi appointed to Crime Stoppers WA Board, and Brenda Amito and Derek Nannup Jnr winning the Young Person of the Year award in consecutive years.